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ciclo pista del sole


The main cycle path connecting the entire peninsula goes by Tre Forti Agritourism, so cyclists travelling the path can stop to take a break along the way or take advantage of the convenient location to cycle a leg of the route.

The cycle path in the province of Verona travels through the valley along the route of provincial highway 11 to Rivoli. In 2014 the path was extended to reach the centre of the town of Rivoli, from which it continues in the basin of Lake Garda, passing the cyclists’ refreshment point at the former railway station in Affi, then along the narrow roads of the moraine plateau around the slopes of Mount Moscal to Peschiera del Garda and into the fortified town, where Lake Garda flows into the Mincio.

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Forte Wohlgemuth

Fort Wohlgemuth: Slopes of Mount Castello (227 m above sea level), built in 1850 - 1851.

Definitely the best-known and the least hidden; it is practically

impossible not to see it. The heights of Mount Castello are perfectly visible from all points on the compass. It is the central fort on the Rivoli chequerboard, and the only one built by the Austrians on the right of the River Adige. It contains a museum.

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Funivia Malcesine, Monte Baldo

Malcesine Monte Baldo Cable Car

A blue dream from Malcesine to the top of Monte Baldo.

The blue of Lake Garda blends into the blue sky in an amazing panorama opening up to the view in all its breadth: from the snowy peaks of the Alps to the sharp outlines of the nearest mountains and the gentle landscape of the plains.

In a few minutes the cable car “flies” up to a level of almost 1800 metres, with its unique revolving cabins inspiring new emotions every time.

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lago di garda, agriturismo verona, tre forti

Verona, the Lake & Surroundings

There’s something to be discovered in every corner of Verona and the province. The historic town centre, a Unesco World Heritage Site for its artistic and cultural wealth, abounds in great monuments famous all over the world: the Arena, the Roman Theatre, Ponte Pietra, Castelvecchio. Verona has plenty to offer for those who want to combine art with fun: theme parks, water parks, golf and tennis courts, spas, Natura Viva nature park...

Lake Garda is renowned for its mild climate and Mediterranean vegetation, amidst vineyards and centuries-old olive groves.
Appreciated for the deep blue of its crystalline waters, and for its abundance of water sports and outdoor activities: sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, gliding, diving, trekking, mountain biking.

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